Let's help Latin America reopen responsibly

In order to continue to maintain our operations and have a greater reach, we need the support of our sponsors who believe in our cause and want to be part of our project.

Measures of success


Interviews or mentions by the media or journalist

People who have visited our site.

Outreach on our social networks –number of people reached by our message

Media that have mentioned us

What will the funds be used for?

Donations will go to 3 main areas:

  1. Maintaining the team of approximately 8 people who are working on the project, including areas such as research, programming, design, statistical analysis, public relations, and social networking.
  2. Digital marketing campaigns to reach as many people as possible, which is the goal.
  3. Covering technology costs, such as data processing and analysis tools, databases and servers to support page traffic.

Why should you support us?

Most importantly, our sponsors will be primarily responsible for ensuring that our message has the widest possible reach and impact on lives saved and timely and responsible economic reopenings.

In recognition of that fundamental support, we will also ensure that our sponsors’ image is linked to the project in all of our spaces, includin

  • Mention and appreciation as sponsors in all media interviews.
  • Frequent mention and appreciation in social networks and in our profiles.
  • Logo as sponsor in all sections of our site.
  • Any other collaborative initiative that we consider positive for our sponsors and our mission.


Our sponsors will also have access to weekly updated internal reports with our main measures of success, which we are sure will grow exponentially with this support, as well as direct communication with our team, including our director Carlos Corredor, on project progress, future initiatives, general questions, or any other topic of interest.

We are an exempt organization and all donations received are tax deductible for sponsors.

Our vision and mission

Let’s work together to save as many lives as possible, contributing through our analysis to timely and responsible economic decision making and reopening!