New updates in the webpage

What changes does the map have by country? What are the new recommendations by region?

With the increase of cases in Latin America, new adjustments and updates were made on the page by region and country.

For the new updates, first, you will be able to find that when you enter into each country, you will find the map with their respective regions and how the situation is in each one if it is very serious, severe, frail, or under controlled. In the icon (i) provides the information of what each color means and by clicking on each region you can go directly to the corresponding information.

Second, upon entering the region, you will see some recommendations, and depending on the situation, these measures will be distinctive for each case.

Here you can find the different recommendations for the regions:

Very Serious



Under Control

These recommendations are based on the guidelines established by the US White House COVID-19 Task Force, the Harvard Institute for Global Health, the CDC, and the Covid Act Now organization.

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Carlos Corredor

Carlos Corredor

Comencé mi carrera como periodista deportivo y analista estadístico de beisbol, pero a pesar de que el deporte siempre me apasionará, su trivialidad me hizo cambiar de rumbo hace varios años. Hoy al revés: algo tan trascendente como la gravedad del COVID-19 en Latinoamérica me hizo volver, ahora afortunadamente de la mano de un gran equipo en Condor Agency, con el que comenzamos esta iniciativa sin fines de lucro que es Proyecto Rodillo. Esperamos que nuestra data y perspectivas ayuden a tomar las mejores decisiones y salvar la mayor cantidad de vidas posibles. Perfil de LinkedIn

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