How to handle the reopening of schools?

What can impact families wanting to send their children to school? What aspects should governments take into consideration on resuming face-to-face education?

As an organization, we are in favor of dictating strict measures when required and necessary. Therefore, today it is unfeasible to lock up an entire country, due to the economic impact that it generates, as well as the fatigue and little acceptance that people would have in the face of new massive lockdowns.


Decisions must be made regarding the city and even decisions regarding the county if you have the data. As long as the information is being used correctly for decision-making and adjusting measures according to what the data is teaching, this should not be criticized.


Some regions are in a high-risk situation, where parents want to send their children to school and do not take into consideration the consequences that this could have on their children and even on their families.


It is proven that children are a route of infection, and it is risky since some live with older parents or even with grandparents.


There are ways to make decisions regarding the reopening of schools with the correct use of data, 


We must take into consideration 3 key points for the reopening of schools:


  • There are ways to have small classes in schools in addition to implementing what they call “student bubbles”.


  • The younger the child, the lower the risk of infection. On the other hand, a teenager is already at high risk of being infected or infecting other people.


  • Governments or schools should not be afraid to flex, open or close, when necessary. We must keep an open mind that this is a correct form of decision-making as long as the data shows it.


P.S: We are using a translator if there is any misspelling or any mistake, please let us know.


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Carlos Corredor

Carlos Corredor

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